Artist  UnknownSnow Patrol    Title  UnknownNew York    Album  UnknownNew York


Continental School, 19th Century

Landscape with Pheasants

Mary Garden as Mélisande

When Dothraki are defeated in combat, they cut off their braids so the whole world can see their shame. Khal Drogo has never been defeated. He’s a savage, of course, but one of the finest killers alive. And you will be his Queen.

Artist  UnknownThe Poetica podcast    Title  UnknownBen Whishaw, sea poems    Album  UnknownTides


Drizzle on the Cliffs of Moher (by supersky77)

Art is a marriage of the conscious and the unconscious.

Jean Cocteau (via tierradentro)


An Odalisque with a Peacock, Leon Francois Comerre



Frederick Judd Waugh (1861 -1940) was an American artist, primarily known as a marine artist. During World War I, he designed ship camouflage for the U.S. Navy, under the direction of Everett L. Warner.

Gilliflower, wild orchid, carnation, columbine, milk thistle, and Madonna lily (details) in The Unicorn in Captivity, c.1495-1505, Southern Netherlands.


but the things that ruined you, loved you too