We are not going to find a cure for dysfunction in an exam room. We’re not. We can diagnose individual conditions. We can rule out underlying issues. But we’re not going to find answers pairing impotent men with prostitutes, or wives with husbands whose sexual techniques have made them frigid.

Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I’ll choke you with the same hand I fed you with.

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my favourite portrayals of Austen heroes / heroines

We all fear death and question our place in the universe. The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair, but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.

The Musketeers (TV Series)


The Complete Novels of Jane Austen Boxeset by The Book Designers


Italian Interior


"The Captive’s Return" (1920) by Henry Ryland(1856-1924).

2/20 female charactersSansa Stark

"Do as you’re told, sweetling, it won’t be so bad. Wolves are supposed to be brave, aren’t they?" Brave. Sansa took a deep breath. I am a Stark, yes, I can be brave.

"Know your own happiness. You want nothing but patience- or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope." - Jane Austen 


Details of Madame de Pompadour


oh very nice indeed!

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